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You have a Vision for what your Company can achieve.

We have a Plan to get you there.

The true nature of any good exchange is that all parties benefit to mutual improvement. And good exchanges, whether for time or money, business or personal, create long term stability and success. We know what strategies work to achieve this true success, resulting in an excellent quality of life for you, your family and your employees. The best is yet to come.

Dream it. Believe it.

UnTapped exists to inspire our business clients to find and embrace their best self, their best work, their best relationships. If you will, allow yourself a one minute daydream, right now, of the personal future you want to live in. A better world, more stability, greater equity, security, better relationships? What is your vision? What can you contribute to making it happen? We can help you create and implement an action plan for building this vision. We can work with your managers and employees to help them see where their own dreams benefit when you all pull together in an environment of mutual respect. This concept goes against a lot of business models, but we know it works and with much greater outcomes. Let’s talk about your highest potential, benefiting you, your family, your company and your employees.

To achieve your dreams, you must act.

Your commitment is required. When was the last time you really focused on identifying your goals, on defining your dream? What is your plan of action? We have found that people–as inventive and resourceful as they are–sometimes still feel stuck, perplexed, trapped. Running a successful business is extremely complicated with so many factors to consider. You know your industry. We know business, professional relationships, management strategies and how to achieve a company culture that brings rewards and contentment, as opposed to stress and conflict. When you need to develop your business strategy, we are your qualified business consultant and life coach service, ready to guide you to the next level of success. Business development and strategic management are skills we help you build, always keeping the deeper goal of a rewarding life in clear focus.

We work with you at your level. Our clients fit a wide spectrum, from those who are already living their dream but sometimes need an impartial sounding board, to those who know they aren’t satisfied with their life but don’t know what they want or how to achieve it. YOU are in charge of your life. The answers are already inside you. Let’s identify your best outcome and bring it to life.


Dreams come from your heart, while visions, goals and mission statements are created in your brain. Dreams are much bigger than visions because they have the ability to engage emotions–unlike visions and goals which are created by logic and analysis.


Your dream will stay a dream unless you take action to make it come true. Much of the time we are asked, “How do I start?” Some will tell you, "Just to go for it!" Some will say, "You have to have all your financing done before you start." Of course you need money to start a business.


Every time you act you achieve something. The results of your action can achieve a positive result or a negative result. They can you bring you closer to your dream or they can be looked upon as a learning experience.

"Never let your memories be bigger than your dreams."